Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Life!

Well... we made it.. we made it to Clarksville Tennessee..
However we will never I mean NEVER be a Titans fan.. (I'm just saying) lol
And as bad as I hate to say it.. im not a huge fan of this place just yet!
We bought our first house..I know i'm still in shock as well!
But we love it... I have all rooms done except for the master bedroom.. Im just not sure what I want to do in there yet...
Im sure when I get time I will post pictures.. as of right now I just wanted yall to know im still alive! :)


Sarah said...

I am sorry to leave this here and I really hope it is ok, I read your comment about your son on Kelly's blog "Another day stronger" and I just wondered if you have tried a Red40 free diet? I am not the type to believe hype but one day my son had a Hawaiian punch and he was OFF THE WALL crazy! We decided to try removing Red40 from his diet and he is SO much better! He still has his issues and he is still hyper but it he is much easier to control when he isn't on Red40, so strange! If you want more info (this is not spam or a solicitation, I am a real mom who just happened to see your comment) you can e-mail me at surrosarah{at} Good luck.

JessicaShaw said...

Hi sarah. no thank you for your post. I havent tried anything yet we just moved so were in the process of getting new dr's (army approved) so once that takes place im going to try some things. What's red40? and what kind of things is it in??

Sarah said...

Red40 is a food dye and it is shown in many studies to cause ADHD symptoms in children and I know that is true for my son! It is in so many things and if he has it on accident I can see his hyper-activity change within about 30 minutes and he won't be "normal" again for a few hours!

Check the foods that you give him regularly and just cut it out (don't tell him) for a few days and see if you notice a difference. For us, he is just a normal level of little boy hyper without the Red40 but with it, it was almost unbearable.

Here are some links you could check out. They call it Red40 sensitivity but there are other colors that cause issues for other kids too and honestly I think they do for my son too but I haven't eliminated any of the others yet. (I am not a crunchy mom, or health crazy at all, just a normal mommy). From what I have read it effects pre-school boys most often.


It is tough to remember to look for it before you buy stuff but you have to check in every single think you buy because it is even in stuff that isn't read at all! Eggo waffles (only some of the varieties), some biscuits, puddings, cereals, etc. Please reach out to me if you want to chat about this at the e-mail I listed in my last comment :) Good luck! I am so glad that I tried removing dyes before I opted for meds!

Sarah said...

And here is a link to my post about it-